Services & Classes

Come see our variety of options for all fitness levels.

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Services & Classes

Come see our variety of options for all fitness levels.

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Personal Training

Our one-on-one personal training will help you reach your goals more precisely, with expert trainers who motivate and guide you to help you reach your full potential. Each trainer designs a custom plan that works with your lifestyle, strengths, and weaknesses. No matter the goal we will make sure you get there!

For small groups of 2-4 we offer personal training in a group environment at a more affordable price. Groups are limited to 4 people in order to continuously progress and help you reach your individual and group goals. Team up with your spouse, co-workers or a friend or two, for challenging and fun workout with one of our trainers.

Fitness Classes

At FitWell we offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels, set in a fun and challenging atmosphere. They will surely get your heart pumping as they propel you to new levels of fitness. A description of each of our classes can be found on our Services & Classes page.

Team Training

Team training at FitWell is a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your group fitness goals. Our certified personal trainers lead  groups of 4 to 10 focusing on the individual strengths, goals and fitness levels of the participants and team as a whole.

Form a team with your friends, loved ones or co-workers to train for an obstacle course race, get ready for your golf or seasonal sport,  learn advanced TRX and Rip training, run your first road race, or simply burn calories, lose weight and improve your cardiovascular conditioning.  Team sessions last for 4 to 6 weeks and can be scheduled on a day(s) or time that works best for your group.

Physical Therapy

Danielle, an endurance athlete and the owner of Starting Line PT and Performance, is excited to expand her new practice at FitWell as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She will be practicing physical therapy, performing running evaluations, conducting semi-private training, and will also be teaching related classes.  If you are interested in learning more about her practice and methodology – whether it be for run analysis/coaching, multi-sport coaching, or physical therapy feel free to reach out!

Classes We Offer


Pump & Pedal

New challenges, diverse gear and more movement are just some of the things you will experience in TRX Pump & Jump. This class features multiple training tools and High Intensity Intervals built on strong, focused movements, guaranteed to be insanely fun for those seeking a challenge.

TRX Strong

This class will push you to new levels of strength using the TRX Suspension, Rip and Duo Trainer and your own body weight. Be ready to “feel the burn”. In this class you’ll use your body weight, gravity and TRX Training equipment to push, pull, lunge, squat, hinge and plank your way to a better you. You will have fun, you will be out of breath and you WILL SWEAT!

Cardio Chaos

This high-energy class is designed to get your hearts racing and your fat burning. Using different durations and intensities on a variety of cardio equipment increase your heart health. This is a great class to incorporate with your strength training.

Daily Burn

Looking for a perfect blend of strength and cardio? Daily burn addresses the foundations of improving your cardio, building muscular endurance, and promoting weight loss. By using various fitness equipment this circuit style class will get your heart rate up to burn fat while building muscle.


Focusing on full body work with the TRX suspension trainer, we will blend strength and cardio training to help you build muscle, increase endurance, improve your cardiovascular fitness and promote weight loss. Each class will be different introducing training tools such as the TRX RIP trainer, kettle bells and medicine balls at times to keep you challenged and moving towards your fitness goals.


HIIT Mix is a class designed by our trainers with a variety of skills to provide a workout you don’t want to miss. Each HIIT Mix class will be different from the last. By using Kettle bells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Medicine balls, TRX Suspension trainers, RIP trainers, Viper and many more fun toys we will create a class leaving you eager for the next.

Obstacle Illusion

This class is as fun as fitness can get. Designed for all fitness levels, Evolution was originally designed as a class for those training for obstacle course races. You loved it, so we kept it. ! Whether you are registered for a race or just looking to boost your overall fitness, Evolution will push you to your limit. This class will use a variety of methods including TRX, sandbags, ropes, tires, monkey bars, agility ladders and more to keep things fun and challenging.

Take Off to TRX

Intimidated by TRX? No worries! We will begin with the basics and gradually increase the difficulty as we move forward together. This class is designed to develop and master your TRX basics.


Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been spinning for years, this 45 minute high-intensity cardio class will leave you feeling stronger and ready to conquer your day. The small group format allows for attention to form while focusing on sustained climbs and other roadwork elements. No tricks, no gimmicks, no screaming, just pure, classic, inspiring spin the way it’s meant to be.

It’s WOD O’clock Somewhere!!

This 1 hour workout will begin and end with a guided, group warm up and cool down. The instructor will explain the workout of the day (WOD), varying in cardio, strength training and stepping out of comfort zones. Join this fun and challenging class to take a step towards your personal fitness goals!

Run Stronger

This class is geared towards making runners and triathletes more resilient and improve their overall performance. Through a combination of body weight, kettlebell, dumbbell, and TRX exercises, you will learn how to lift safely, get stronger, and have fun while you’re at it! No matter what race you are training for, this 1-hour class will help you build full body strength to get you ready for your next starting line!

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